Pink Heals Chattanooga Area Chapter


The Pink Heals! Chattanooga Chapter's firetruck is named after Kennedy Griffith, a freshman from Marion County High School in Jasper, Tennessee, that united a community in the battle to cure childhood cancer. This Ultimate Warrior left an indelible impression on people she had touched during her three-and-a-half year ordeal.  

Born to Mark and Pam Griffith in 1996, Kennedy began her battle after first being diagnosed in April 2009 with osteosarcoma (defined as a malignant bone tumor that usually develops during the period of rapid growth that occurs in adolescence). Over the next three years, Kennedy endured countless surgeries, treatments, and the amputation of a leg.  On numerous occasions, she confounded medical experts who had given her months, or even weeks to live. 

Her incredible resilience was matched only by her positive attitude.  Friends and family describe a smiling, determined teen girl who had strong opinions on her treatment options, and who wasn't the least bit shy about expressing herself.
As Kennedy's condition worsened, her wide network of classmates, in and out of Marion County rallied to her support.  During her treatments, Kennedy remained visible to her community and rallied their support and admiration for her strength and courage. She handled the official coin toss at a Marion County High School football game to a rousing ovation.  As her battle neared the end, her classmates at Chattanooga's Baylor School held a pep rally in her honor. Although she was unable to attend, she saw video and photographs from the enthusiastic event.

‚ÄčKennedy "The Warrior" Elizabeth Griffith, 16, fought her final battle and went home. to be with Jesus on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.


"The Warrior"